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MMA is proud to showcase the talent we are witness to all the time as well as written acknowledgement of the work we do. The testimonials on this page demonstrate how serious we are about providing the best possible musical education. Please take a moment to view the written testimonials by students and parents of students at MMA . Each testimonial is an honest account of their experience here at the school.


Danica B.

I first contacted MMA in mid 2013 and I was immediately impressed with the school's professionalism and approachability. They're very friendly and easy to contact. I was looking for a drum teacher to help me improve the drumming skills I already possessed and I was given Josh Ellis from the drum school, who has turned out to be a very effective teacher for me.

Josh is very knowledgeable about all aspects of drumming and I find his skills and enthusiasm very inspiring. I have already learned a lot from him in a relatively short time. In addition to this, he is also a very good teacher. He explains things clearly, is very patient and he encourages a high standard of playing. And if that isn’t enough, he’s also a very friendly person and he makes the lessons fun. :)

I would definitely recommend MMA to anyone who is interested in learning the drums, either as a beginner or as someone with previous experience such as myself. My experience with the school has been very positive and I am very glad that I chose MMA to help me with my drumming.


Chris C.

I have been learning drums with the school since 2013, starting as a complete beginner and building an increasing range of skills from initial basic beats to music notation to specific techniques and playing different styles of music. My experience has not been around building skills for exams or technical tests, but more in terms of developing the ability to play drums across a variety of styles and to be able to listen to music and work out how to play the drum part.

I have recommended the school to a number of people who have asked me for a recommendation for learning drums, and will continue to do so, although my experience is solely as a learning adult.


David M.

I came to MMA for a trial lesson, not really sure if it was something I wanted to do. That first experience not only made me much more at ease about taking formal lessons, but instilled in me a real sense of what could be achieved. Ongoing lessons have only reaffirmed the effectiveness of my teacher's style of teaching and provided a real sense of progress and enjoyment of playing.

My teacher has always been extremely welcoming and willing to accommodate my needs in terms of scheduling and learning style. Right from the first lesson I felt at ease, and the material was not only well presented, but manageable. During my learning the progress of the course has been logical and built well on previous elements, giving me the necessary progress and encouragement to push ahead and keep practicing.

I feel MMA ticks all the boxes when it comes to the qualities one needs in a music teacher. Friendly and flexible, encouraging and patient, and of course more than competent in the performance of the art. I'd recommend MMA to other's considering drumming in a heartbeat.


Linda S.

MMA has taught two of my children to play the drums. I have found the school's teachers to be skilled as they tailor the lessons to the individual child’s ability. My boys have always enjoyed their lessons and have been motivated by their teacher to try hard and improve their practice.

As a teacher, MMA arrives on time and is a pleasant and accommodating person. They have been very understanding when we have needed to make changes to our lesson times. MMA are excellent communicators and will phone or text when arrangements are altered.

I have recommended MMA to my friends. I am happy to have them in my home even when I am not able to be there. I am confident that they will always provide excellent service.


Esther T.

My two boys aged 13 and 10 have been having drum lessons with MMA for the past 10 months. They have been an incredibly positive influence instilling a love of music and rhythm in them. Their teaching methods are structured and well thought out and my children so look forward to their weekly lessons. I can see an amazing progression and passion in my son’s level of playing in such a short time. The teacher helped my 13 year old with compilation of a drum solo recently and he got a real buzz out of MMA recording his playing during a lesson.

I was impressed on my first meeting with Ben Lanzon who is extremely well educated being a civil engineer and the manner in which he communicated and continues to with my boys and myself. He is always punctual and well organised and sense that is the way he is with everything that he does.

I have been told that good music teachers are “worth their weight in gold “ and I can wholeheartedly recommend MMA as not only good but GREAT teachers!!


Johann Y.

MMA came highly recommended by a close friend of mine who has been drumming for many years. My first impression of MMA was that they are extremely patient with my kids, aged 5 and 7 when they first started. It’s been nearly a year now.


The teacher is always encouraging, never rushing. He is a great listener first, before actively discussing and using an appropriate language that is easily understood by children.

Yet, he is also extremely competent as an adult teacher. Coming from a musical background and having played other numerous musical instruments myself, I find Ben to be extremely knowledgeable, engaging and continually challenging and pushing my musical abilities each new week. I really enjoy that! He has made the acoustic drums my favourite instrument!

MMA are true professionals, having devised their own method of learning steps and classification. It balances natural ability and theory. The result is a great sense of reward and achievement that comes without too much stress. All it takes is practice!

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