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Instrument Hire

Get The Most Out Of Your Lessons

At the best rates in Perth, we offer a hire service like no other including full installation of all kits offered and a large range of items available for single day hire if required.

The types of instruments we have on offer are:
- Pearl EXR - Acoustic Drums
- Sonor Force 505 - Acoustic Drums
- Yamaha DTXpress, III, IV - Electric Drums
- Roland TD3 and TD6 - Electric Drums
- Plus a range of Fender Squire electric guitars and Yamaha acoustic guitars

If you would like to secure an instrument hire, we require a deposit. Please follow these steps.  Alternatively contact us to find out more.

LSoM_Hire_Roland Logo.png
LSoM_Hire_Yamaha Logo.jpg


Only $1.75 per day*

$12.50 / WEEK


Only $1.05 per day*

$7.50 / WEEK

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LSoM_Hire_Sonor Logo.jpg
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LSoM_Hire_Fneder Logo.png
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