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MMA provides students the ability to learn the beginning fundamentals of Piano to help progress to a live and tertiary studying playing level.

Benefits of Learning the Piano

Not only is playing the Piano a great way to involve yourself within the world of music, it has been shown to provide players with a range of hidden benefits that positively impact on mental, physical health and performance. People learning the Piano can see benefits in…


  • Stress reduction

  • Brain stimulation

  • Sharpens Concentration

  • Perseverance

  • Emotional Intelligence


Advantage of Private Lessons 

Although online learning may be popular, key technique points can be missed at a crucial stage of development. This incorrect playing could take years to undo and may pose potential health risks. Online learning is a great resource to supplement your lessons, however, particularly if learning from scratch, we highly recommend taking at least 4-6 months of private lessons to make sure your playing is as economical as it can be.



Our curriculum is designed to take our students from a beginner all the way through to an advanced level and focuses specifically on key techniques such as….


  • Chord and Melody Formulation

  • Rhythm

  • Reading Treble Clef

  • Reading Bass Clef

  • Scales and Arpeggios

  • Coordination

  • Proper posture

  • Broader music theory

  • Composition and Creation.

  • Ear training



Our teachers have the ability to teach from a beginner to an advanced intermediate level across predominantly contemporary styles, please enquire if you would like to learn at an advanced or classical level, and we can match you with the right teacher!

Watch for Yourself:
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MMA caters lessons for people of all ages, races, genders, abilities and orientations and does not discriminate against anyone. Through the continual push to offer our clients the highest quality one on one lessons Perth has to offer, and at the most competitive price, choosing to learn piano at MMA will help you forge lifelong skills.



The Piano like any instrument requires a large degree of time and practise. Through our program we believe that within 1 year of learning through the school you will be at a competent playing level. To see our recommended practise times please click here.


The hardest part is always getting started, click on the link below to book a First Free Lesson today that could change the direction of your life forever. 

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