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AMEB Rockschool

About AMEB


You can now receive a qualification from an internationally recognised school as part of our curriculum just for attending your normal lessons!

Here at MMA we offer a unique learning pathway through our affiliation with the Australian Music Examination Board's RockSchool program. AMEB offers qualifications through music ranging from a beginner level 1 entrance, all the way up to an advanced level 8 expert and diplomas.

The Benefits of completing this pathway includes:

  • Providing clearly defined goals in music to help build life skills

  • To encourage and develop a broader range of knowledge; such as theory, interpretation and analysis

  • A globally recognised qualification that assists in audition processes for higher education entrance such as Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and the University of Western Australia's Music Program

  • Allows students to become a recognised teacher with MMA at a high level, should you wish to do so.


Following the AMEB pathway is done at no extra lesson cost with examinations held twice yearly. 

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