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Casual Student Policy

  1. You will be booked in for lessons as you go;

  2. Once you have booked in a lesson it will be charged unless you are able to provide 2 weeks’ notice of cancellation.

  3. If we cancel on you, the lesson will not be charged under and circumstance and credits on account that correspond to our cancellation will be refunded should you wish to cease your lessons.

  4. Lesson pricing is higher for this policy. Enquire to find out our pricing.

  5. Stopping lessons require minimum 2 weeks’ notice should you have pre-arranged lessons scheduled.

  6. My Music Academy prioritises the booking of Term students and reserves the right to change your lesson time should a Term student wish to commence lessons at your pre-arranged casual time. 

  7. A minimum lesson commitment of two lessons applies when signing up post your first free lesson.

    Policies effective as of 15 July 2024. Should you have any specific questions please contact our admin team via

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