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Term Student Policy

  1. You will be booked in for lessons for 40 weeks of the year following the WA public school terms

  2. Lessons do not take place on public holidays. If your lesson falls on a public holiday, you will be credited a makeup lesson and assisted by our admin team to find a suitable time for this to be completed.

  3. My Music Academy is open 6 days a week. We always commence on the Monday of the week term starts and finish on the Saturday of the week term ends. Sundays we are closed.

  4. As your spot is reserved for you each week of the school term, you own this studio time and will be required to attend each week of the school term. My Music Academy may request in certain circumstances to change your lesson time or day according to our teacher’s availability.

  5. Makeup lessons may be granted under exceptional circumstances or if you can give us at least four (4) weeks’ notice of an upcoming absence as this will allow us time to adjust our teachers’ rosters.

  6. If you are unable to make a lesson at short notice, your teacher will provide comprehensive lesson notes continuing where you left of from after your most recently attended lesson. Use your My Music Academy portal to access your lesson notes and relevant resources:

  7. If we cancel on you or request to change your lesson time/day to something that does not suit your situation, the lesson will not be charged under any circumstances. Credits on accounts will be forwarded across terms reducing term payments, used for additional holiday lessons if you are available or refunded to you should you wish to cease learning with My Music Academy by the relevant Term withdrawal date.

  8. Should you wish to pay by EFT or through your My Music Academy portal we will require the full term be paid in advance. Payments must be received by the end of week 2 of the relevant Term. If you would like to pay in smaller instalments, you must use our auto-pay method arranged by contacting admin.

  9. You will need to see out the full or remaining Term lessons once committing to learn with My Music Academy depending on your start date. Stopping lessons within the Term cannot be done unless under exceptional circumstances. Refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Policies effective as of 15 July 2024. Should you have any specific questions please contact our admin team via

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