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My Music Academy Approved Teachers

My Music Academy works hard to ensure we screen only the best candidates to teach under our name, or their own name. We offer two pathways for teachers where they can work directly for MMA or run their own business and work in parallel with us.

"I work for MMA"

These are teachers that work directly for MMA as a contractor. MMA administrates all scheduling, accounts and administrative tasks with these teachers. Pricing is as per our website. If you have any queries you would contact MMA directly and not the teacher.

"I work for myself"

These are teachers that run their own teaching business and work in parallel with MMA. The teacher will organise their own schedules, accounts and answer all general queries. Prices are set by the teacher and these are found on their profile pages.

What you need to know:

  • MMA are always here to help. If you are ever unsure, let us know

  • Pricing may vary depending on which teacher you learn with, this includes any promotional deals

  • All teachers following MMA's policies

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